What to do if I'm getting no results for my search query.
Please try to delete your browser cache and refresh the page and start your search again. If this mp3 search engine does not show any results, your phrase is might be too hard, not popular or not available on supported services with music.

I just get unknown error message and file cannot be downloaded.
Please send me the error code you see on the error page via my contact form. I'll check it as quickly as possible and then I will try to fix this issue.

I'm getting small number of results.
Sometimes you need to repeat your search 2 times to get results, so simply repeat your query. If you still get no results - please try with similar phrase without any strange signs.

I canoot save the mp3 file on my apple device.
Actually it's not possible to save files on iphones or ipads, sorry. Anyway, you're able to save the file to your dropbox and to stream it from there.

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